Taughmaconnell was well served with shops over the years. There was one at the ball-alley on John Brook’s land. Paddy Kelly was the owner. It closed around 1927. There was one at Padder Finnernan’s in Onagh, it closed in early 1940.

There was also one up on the Antrane road past Mick Fallons’s house run by Jim Kilroy, it closed in early 1940. Glanmore had a shop at the turn of the 20th Century. It was in Tim Carty’s old house across from the present  Tms. Tim still has some of the old weighing scales.

Flynn Post Office in Camla was a shop and Sheeben,  in the late 1980s it was run by Gibblins. It has been run by the Flynn family since. It closed in????. Kileen’s in Togher have groceries shop and pub since the early 1900’s. There was one down in Tavanagh on Patrick Finnerans yard at the time of the Famine. Patsy Jack’s pub in Kileglan had a groceries shop and pub and tuck-mill going back to the 1800’s. It closed in the late 1900’s.

The were two shops in the village Costello’s and Moore’s

There is a  Butcher’s shop in Tavanagh run by Clare Finneran.

Postal services have always been in existence in some parts of the world since 1700s.  The Penny Black was introduced in Britain and Ireland in 1840.

First records of a sub Post Office in Taughmaconnell date back to 1865.  The Sub Post Office was situated at Dundonnell, better known as the Pound. William Murray recorded as Postman. Remained open until 1913.

John Joseph Flynn, a retired School master was appointed as Bun-Maistir Poist. When he retired in 1938, owing to advanced years, his son Michael Joseph took over. The position of Post Master was subsequently entrusted to Kevin Flynn. The Flynn family Camla have run the Taughmaconell Sub-post offce for three generations.